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Palm Springs Partition Attorney Paul Stoddard

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With a wealth of experience guiding clients in property and business law situations, Real Estate Attorney Paul M. Stoddard knows how to utilize a real estate partition to assist an individual, family, or business in reaching objectives. In situations where a joint interest exists in a residential or commercial property, Partition Lawyer Stoddard can advise on whether a property partition can resolve a roadblock and help clients advance their interests.

If two co-owners or more wish to split a property among themselves, a partition action may be the answer. This is a legal process that can be used in matters involving real estate as well as personal property. A partition action may be needed in cases where co-owners have differing opinions and goals in mind regarding the property. The process includes the court assigning a portion of the property’s value to each owner according to their ownership interest. This may mean the property will be sold. Originally, partitions were only used when inherited property was the subject of disagreement, but later the application of the Uniform Heirs Property Act of 2022 was enlarged to additional situations that necessitate the division of assets.

You may have questions about when and how a real estate partition should be used. If you would like to discuss whether this legal process may be the answer to your property issues, contact Palm Springs Attorney Stoddard at (760) 320-8345. After examining the specifics of your case and considering your questions and goals, Mr. Stoddard will explain what options may work best and create a strategy for reaching your objectives. He addresses each case personally, never handing it off to associates or paralegals. To make an appointment for a consultation, contact the office.

Real Estate Partition Actions in Palm Springs, California

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Attorney Stoddard understands how to proceed in each phase of a partition action and advises his clients through each part of the process:

  1. Analysis: The initial step involves a careful analysis of the situation at hand. By performing this detailed review, Mr. Stoddard can then recommend an effective method for resolving the issues. It may be that property valuation, drawing up documents that specify what percentage each party owns, combing through existing agreements, or identifying whether other issues might arise in the partition process is appropriate.
  2. Strategy Development: Once the analysis is complete, Mr. Stoddard will outline a plan for reaching your objectives. Negotiation with the opposing co-owner/s may be recommended, or proceeding directly to the partition may be deemed more advisable.
  3. Representation: Regardless of what legal remedy is selected, Attorney Stoddard acts as a strong advocate for client interests. This means he is attending court hearings, negotiating with co-owners and other parties, working towards a successful outcome, and standing up for the client’s rights at every opportunity.
  4. Resolution: As a skilled partition attorney, Mr. Stoddard is always looking ahead at how to reach the intended outcome in the case. The final outcome and solution may be to sell the property, divide it, or use another legal means of preserving client interests and gaining their goals.

Consultation with a Skilled Real Estate Partition Attorney

If you are in a situation where pursuing or opposing a real estate partition in California has become necessary, or if you have questions about the process and whether it may resolve certain issues you are experiencing with property in which you have partial interest, contact Real Estate Lawyer Paul M. Stoddard. He can be reached at (760) 320-8345, or you can send him a message. With decades of experience assisting clients in business law and real estate matters, he is ready to assist you in finding an effective means of resolving your concerns.