Palm Desert Partition Actions Attorney

Palm Desert Partition Actions Attorney Paul Stoddard

As a skilled business and real estate lawyer, Paul M. Stoddard has extensive experience helping individuals and business owners navigate the real estate partition process in California. Whether you have joint ownership of residential or commercial real property, Mr. Stoddard can protect your interests and help resolve the property dispute.

A partition action is a legal process for dividing real estate, personal property, or other assets that are jointly owned. When multiple parties own property together, each may have different ideas about what should be done with it. A partition action allows the court to decide how the property should be divided, whether through sale or other means. Previously applicable only to inherited properties under the Uniform Partition Heirs Property Act, real estate partition actions have been broadened under the Partition of Real Property Act (2022). A partition can now be used in a wide range of circumstances as an equitable way to divide assets.

Contact Palm Desert Real Estate Partition Attorney Paul Stoddard to discuss your situation. He will review your objectives, gather information about the property and involved parties, and offer advice on ways our real estate law firm can resolve the matter. He handles each case personally, and never hands off cases to paralegals or less-qualified associates. Call (760) 320-8345 to schedule a consultation.

Filing a Partition Action in California

Attorney Stoddard understands all aspects of handling partition action cases. There are many formal steps required to file a partition action in California, including:

Analysis: Based on the unique information of your situation, Mr. Stoddard will conduct a thorough analysis of your case to determine the best course of action. This may include evaluating the value of the property, preparing documentation to show the value of your fractional share, reviewing existing agreements or contracts, and identifying potential issues that may arise during the partition action.

Strategy Development: Once he has analyzed your case, he will develop a strategy for moving forward. This may involve compromise by negotiating with the other parties involved, filing a partition action in court, or pursuing other legal options.

Representation: Throughout the legal process, he will represent and protect your interests. This may involve attending court hearings, negotiating with other parties, pursuing a settlement, and advocating for your rights.

Resolution: The goal is to help you achieve a successful resolution to your partition action. This may involve the sale of the property, the division of the property between the parties, or other outcomes that are in your best interests.

Contact Palm Desert Partitions Lawyer Paul M. Stoddard

If you are facing a partition action case in California, or fighting one, Real Estate Attorney Paul Stoddard can represent your interests. Call (760) 320-8345 or reach out to us online. He has the knowledge and experience necessary to guide you through the legal process and protect your interests. He handles a wide range of real estate and business cases and puts you in the position to make informed decisions.