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Desert Hot Springs Real Estate Partitions Attorney Paul Stoddard

With decades of experience assisting clients in property and business matters, Real Estate Lawyer Paul M. Stoddard understands how to address real estate partitions and resolve issues. He helps businesses and private parties with commercial and residential properties, working to protect their interests and achieve successful outcomes.

Real estate partition actions are a legal process where the joint owners (at least two parties) wish to divide up the property that they co-own. This concept of partitioning or dividing up property can be applied to personal property as well, not just real estate. If co-owners of a property have conflicting ideas/goals about development or other differences, they may decide to file a partition action. This allows the court to assign part of the property value to each co-owner by sale or another legal solution. Partitions were originally used only in cases of inherited property. The Uniform Partition Heirs Property Act was later established to expand this concept to a larger range of circumstances in which equitable division of an asset is desired.

If you have a question about how a real estate partition might work for your situation, call Desert Hot Springs Attorney Stoddard. His real estate law firm has been assisting clients for many years, and he is ready to review your concerns and goals, analyze your case, and explain what available options could help you reach your objectives. Mr. Stoddard handles every case personally, never giving it to a paralegal or an associate. To schedule your consultation, dial (760) 320-8345.

Filing Partition Actions in California

As a reliable partition lawyer, Mr. Stoddard guides clients through each phase of a California partition action:

  1. Desert Hot Springs Real Estate Partitions Lawyer Paul Stoddard Analysis: The first step is to carefully review the specific circumstances of your case. This helps determine the most effective way to resolve any issues. The analysis may include preparing documents that demonstrate what percentage of ownership each party holds, reviewing existing contracts/agreements, performing property valuation, and considering what if any issues might arise as the real estate partition progresses.
  2. Strategy Development: After the analysis is completed, a strategy for reaching the client’s goals will be created. Negotiating with the other co-owner/s may prove to be effective, or perhaps moving forward with a partition action or another legal action may be deemed more appropriate.
  3. Representation: In any legal process that is chosen to resolve matters, Attorney Stoddard protects clients’ interests with zeal. This includes representation at court hearings, in negotiations with the other parties, when working out a settlement, and in upholding your rights throughout the process.
  4. Resolution: Gaining a successful outcome that helps the client reach their objectives is the goal of Real Estate Partition Attorney Stoddard. This outcome could be achieved by completing a sale of the property, making a division of the parcel, or using other means to serve the client’s interests.

Call Desert Hot Springs Partitions Lawyer Stoddard

When a real estate dispute develops and seems that it may require a partition action, or if you find that you need to oppose a partition action in California, contact Real Estate Partition Lawyer Paul M. Stoddard. He provides knowledgeable advice and guidance to help clients reach their goals. Call (760) 320-8345 to schedule a consultation, or send a message to Attorney Stoddard describing your concerns. He will review the information you submit and contact you. His experience in real estate and business cases means that he can provide options to resolve your concerns.