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ADA Defense Lawyer Is your business being sued for violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)?

ADA Defense Lawyer Paul Stoddard helps business owners fight ADA accessibility violation claims. He has successfully defended clients against these types of lawsuits in California. With more than three decades of experience effectively handling the legal needs of small business owners, the Law Offices of Paul M. Stoddard is prepared to fight for your interests.

The Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits discrimination based on one’s disability. The law mandates all areas of public life are to be accessible to individuals with disabilities. All establishments open to the general public must make reasonable accommodations. This law extends to ADA compliance for websites as well.

We believe most businesses try in good faith to accommodate persons with disabilities. However, we believe some of these lawsuits seek only to take advantage of small business owners. Commonly in these types of ADA lawsuits, the plaintiffs are pursuing only financial gain instead of correction of the alleged violations. Our experienced business attorney has aggressively defended clients served with ADA lawsuits.

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ADA Lawsuit Defense for Small Businesses in Palm Desert

ADA Defense Attorney Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, public places and their online counterparts must be accessible for individuals with disabilities. If a public space is not in compliance with the detailed specifications for inside and outside the establishment, the business owners, commercial landlords, tenants and others may be liable in an ADA lawsuit.

As a seasoned litigator, ADA Defense Attorney Paul Stoddard stands up for his client’s rights and provides a zealous defense. He protects your business interests and minimizes potential future liability.

Due to the nature of these lawsuits, establishing responsibility and involving all essential parties is critical. With comprehensive experience in construction law and commercial leases, Business Lawyer Paul Stoddard understands that bringing relevant parties in early can help make the important decisions necessary for an effective resolution. In addition, it may reduce the opportunity for the plaintiffs to delay the matter.

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We understand that accessibility to public spaces for persons with disabilities remains an important issue, and we maintain that these types of ADA lawsuits against small businesses do not seem to be aligned with the spirit and goals of the law.

If you have received a demand letter, or if you have been served in an ADA lawsuit, contact our office to explore your options. Addressing this issue quickly is often in your best interests.

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