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Rancho Mirage Business Attorney Paul Stoddard

Rancho Mirage Business Lawyer Paul M. Stoddard is able to address issues in real estate, bankruptcy, and help with a wide range of other business and civil litigation needs. For over three decades, he has helped clients in Rancho Mirage and throughout Riverside County as well as California and into Canada.

The testimonials for The Law Offices of Paul M. Stoddard highlight the effective legal guidance and representation Mr. Stoddard provides. He can help you find ethical and affordable solutions for complicated legal issues.

Rancho Mirage Attorney Stoddard has an impressive range of experience, yet still he maintains affordable rates. You can schedule a consultation with him by calling (760) 320-8345.

Reliable Representation in Rancho Mirage, California

Mr. Stoddard’s experience as a business attorney and real estate attorney has provided him with skills for resolving legal issues. By working towards the goal of removing or reducing risks and strengthening the position of business ventures, he helps protect client interests. If you are currently in a situation where it would be best to start over financially, we can help. In addition, if you are involved or about to become involved in a legal dispute or need assistance with a legal matter regarding an investment, Rancho Mirage Attorney Paul Stoddard is ready to help you reach your goal.

Business Law Lawyer for Smaller Businesses

Rancho Mirage Small Business Lawyer Paul Stoddard

Making the right decision at the right time is key to gaining a successful outcome. Experience and a deep understanding of associated legal issues help Mr. Stoddard advise clients on the risks and rewards of their options so that prudent decisions can be made. There are often several factors to take into consideration, and even one seemingly insignificant decision can end up having a strong impact. Rancho Mirage Business Law Attorney Stoddard guides clients on business tort, business litigation, and other civil litigation matters. He carefully helps individuals and companies avoid potential liabilities and make smart moves that pave the way for future success. Our firm can help in multiple areas:

ADA Defense Attorney | Protection Against Lawsuits

If your small business has been targeted with accusations of ADA violations or even threatened with a lawsuit, Mr. Stoddard can work to help you resolve the situation. ADA Defense Lawyer Stoddard has experience providing lawsuit defense to small businesses. He aggressively advocates for justice and the rights of small businesses when they are facing ADA accessibility claims.

Business Transaction Lawyer & Business Contract Attorney

To create and strengthen profitable business relationships, it is important to complete business contracts and business transactions properly. As a skilled business contract lawyer who negotiates, writes, and reviews various business contracts, Mr. Stoddard is able to protect client interests and minimize the potential for future liabilities.

Business Formation Lawyer | Support for New Businesses

Rancho Mirage Real Estate Lawyer Paul Stoddard

In the initial phases of starting a new enterprise, one important decision is which business structure to use. Deciding on the appropriate structure will protect the interests of everyone involved in the business. Mr. Stoddard is a knowledgeable business formation attorney who can explain the available options as well as their possible implications and guide you to a sensible decision.

Rancho Mirage Bankruptcy Lawyer

When debt becomes too large to overcome, Rancho Mirage Bankruptcy Attorney Stoddard can help. He will first ask questions about your current financial situation to determine if filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is a possible option and whether it would be the most productive choice. With the ability to offer representation to creditors as well as debtors, Mr. Stoddard can provide insightful guidance to clients. Our bankruptcy firm is ready to help you find the right solution so you can get a fresh start.

Real Estate Lawyer | Safeguarding Investments

Rancho Mirage Real Estate Attorney Paul Stoddard

If you are facing an issue involving a commercial lease, land use, or construction law, Rancho Mirage Real Estate Attorney Stoddard can put his skill to work resolving matters. Sellers and buyers as well as developers, builders, and similar entities find effective representation and guidance for real estate transactions. Additionally, Mr. Stoddard assists clients in resolving real estate disputes as a reliable real estate litigation attorney.

Real Estate Lawyer for Canadian Buyers

Real Estate Attorney Paul Stoddard represents Canadian citizens who are purchasing property in Rancho Mirage or any of the surrounding desert communities. Our firm offers complete representation from the beginning to the end of the purchasing process.

Representation for Specific Businesses

Rancho Mirage Attorney Stoddard has experience and skill in working with business owners and entrepreneurs in a variety of industries. He offers insightful guidance that can help companies reach their business goals:

Consult Rancho Mirage Business Lawyer Stoddard

Offering reliable counsel and services to clients in the Rancho Mirage area as well as across California, the United States, and Canada, Lawyer Paul M. Stoddard is able to guide clients in reaching successful outcomes in their business and real estate matters. To connect with our business law firm and schedule an appointment for a consultation, you may either call (760) 320-8345 or use our contact form.