29 Palms Business Lawyer Paul Stoddard

29 Palms Business Attorney Paul Stoddard

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Using his experience and skill in matters of civil litigation, real estate, bankruptcy, and more, 29 Palms Business Attorney Paul M. Stoddard strengthens the client’s position as he fosters sound business decisions. His law firm serves the 29 Palms and surrounding desert areas as well as the whole of San Bernardino and Riverside Counties in addition to Canada.

Mr. Stoddard has been providing insightful counsel for more than three decades, and his many positive reviews attest to this. He knows how to create affordable and ethical legal solutions for the complex issues many businesses, families, and individuals face.

Offering reasonable rates for representation in real estate, civil litigation, bankruptcy, and other business matters, 29 Palms Lawyer Stoddard can help clients overcome legal hurdles. A fee-free initial consultation is offered and can be scheduled by calling the Law Offices of Paul M. Stoddard at (909) 899-4011.

Trustworthy Legal Guidance for 29 Palms, California

With so many years of experience helping clients succeed in legal matters, Real Estate Attorney and Business Attorney Stoddard has the solutions at hand that are needed to make an otherwise stressful situation proceed according to plan. His knowledge gives clients the ability to avoid risks and help them reach goals. If finances have become an increasing problem and it is looking like a fresh start is needed, Mr. Stoddard is able to provide sound advice to help you reach a favorable outcome and resolve legal disputes while safeguarding your investments.

Skilled Business Law Attorney for Small Businesses

Business Lawyer Stoddard understands what it takes to make a prudent financial or business decision. There are likely many aspects that need to be considered. It is true that even some seemingly minor choices may end up heavily impacting the future of an enterprise. 29 Palms Business Law Lawyer Stoddard advocates for the best interests of his clients who are addressing business torts and business litigation. As a knowledgeable civil litigation attorney, he advises clients on what steps are needed to reduce or remove possible liabilities so that future growth goals can be reached. He represents clients in a range of issues:

ADA Defense Lawyer | Strong Defense for Lawsuits

A gavel sits atop a binder titled “The Americans With Disabilities Act” with a reference book and eyeglasses next to it. Small business owners can be targeted by lawsuits accusing them of ADA violations, and when this happens, our business law firm knows what to do. ADA Defense Attorney Stoddard aggressively defends business owners, providing strong lawsuit defense to protect the small business from ADA accessibility claims.

Business Formation Lawyer | Protecting New Businesses

It is important to start a new enterprise off properly by using the appropriate business structure. Making the right choice protects the owners and other parties involved as well. As a seasoned professional, Business Formation Attorney Stoddard is ready to guide you and your business from the very beginning.

Business Transaction Lawyer & Business Contract Attorney

Sound business contracts and transactions are vital for creating strong business relationships that lead to achieving future goals. Mr. Stoddard is a reliable business contract lawyer able to effectively negotiate, write, and evaluate business contracts as he supports successful transactions. It is highly important that client interests are protected by avoiding or properly addressing potential liabilities.

29 Palms Bankruptcy Attorney

A dark-blue word cluster features “Bankruptcy,” “Finance,” “Insolvency,” “Liquidation,” “Chapter 7,” and other financial terms. When a financial situation is progressing in the wrong direction and debts are mounting, our firm can help. 29 Palms Bankruptcy Lawyer Stoddard understands how to find the most appropriate solution for your specific concerns and circumstances. It may be that filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the right call. As a bankruptcy firm with many years of experience guiding clients through stormy waters, we are ready to help you too. Attorney Stoddard provides representation in bankruptcy hearings for both debtors and creditors.

Real Estate Lawyer for Protecting Investments

Are you watching a potential problem develop involving land use, construction law, or a commercial lease? If so, Real Estate Attorney Paul Stoddard has the ability to protect your assets and interests. By skillfully guiding buyers, developers, builders, sellers, and others involved in a real estate transaction, he ensures matters are completed properly so that clients reach their desired outcome. In cases where a real estate dispute arises, 29 Palms Attorney Stoddard offers effective representation to resolve matters.

Canadian Real Estate Lawyer for 29 Palms, CA

If you are a Canadian Citizen looking to buy or sell property in California, you can find the needed guidance from 29 Palms Lawyer Stoddard. Citizens of Canada who need transactional representation receive dependable counsel at our real estate law firm.

Business-Specific Representation

With an array of experience across many years and many industries, 29 Palms Lawyer Paul M. Stoddard has business-specific advice for clients to foster future success and help them reach objectives.

No-Fee Consultation with 29 Palms Lawyer Paul Stoddard

By providing dependable guidance and representation to businesses, individuals, and families in the 29 Palms, California area as well as those throughout the U.S. and Canada, Attorney Paul M. Stoddard helps clients make sensible decisions and protect their interests. He knows how to advocate effectively for your goals in real estate matters and other business concerns. To reach our law firm and schedule a consultation, message us or give us a call at (909) 899-4011.