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Gas Station Attorney Paul Stoddard Gas Station Lawyer Paul M. Stoddard uses his more than 30 years of experience to support gas station owners and individuals looking to purchase, sell, or start a gas station. Whether an independent or franchise convenience store, Business Attorney Paul Stoddard is able to help clients maintain compliance, resolve disputes, limit liabilities, and protect their business and financial interests.

Attorney Paul Stoddard focuses on helping clients navigate the sometimes complex issues that arise for gas station owners, and he has a record of positive outcomes to prove it. He is interested in fostering your success through sound legal counsel and representation. To discuss your questions and how to reach your business objectives, call the Law Offices of Paul M. Stoddard at (760) 320-8345 and schedule a free consultation.

Gas Station Owners Attorney Services

Gas Station Lawyer Paul Stoddard As a highly qualified gasoline station lawyer and business law attorney, Mr. Stoddard provides many of the legal services gas station owners need. In addition, he shares reliable advice on the purchase, financing, sale, or development of a gas station as well as other compliance and legal issues involved. Clients can look to Gas Station Attorney Paul Stoddard for the following business law services:

Starting a Gas Station or Convenience Store in California

Creating and running a gasoline service station or convenience store has the potential to be highly profitable. In order to realize this potential, many legal aspects must be addressed properly, including California zoning, licensing, permits, environmental regulations, and health codes as well as suppliers, franchise contracts, employee contracts, and similar issues.

Service Station Attorney Paul Stoddard helps clients consider the important factors, ensure they have a sensible business plan, and limit risks of liability when opening and running a gas station.

Gas Station Franchise Attorney

If you are interested in starting, selling, or purchasing a gas station franchise, Gas Station Franchise Lawyer Paul M. Stoddard has the skill and experience required to foster success. He helps clients avoid unfair termination or non-renewal and navigate the complex issues franchisors and franchisees often face.

California Gas Station Compliance Attorney | Limit Liability

In order to avoid unnecessary risk and personal liability, gas station owners need experienced legal counsel. Gas Station Compliance Attorney Paul M. Stoddard helps clients maintain compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Environmental Protection Acts Financial Responsibility Regulation, and various additional federal and state regulations.

In addition to ADA defense and other compliance issues, Business Attorney Paul Stoddard guides service station and convenience store owners in choosing the right type of company structure to maximize tax savings while reducing risks of liability.

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Business and Gasoline Service Station Attorney Paul M. Stoddard guides owners through formation, contracts, and disputes with partners, co-owners, landlords, suppliers, and others. He guides clients in preventing and resolving compliance and liability issues, enabling growth, and obtaining business goals.